Graphic Design Mastery- AI, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign




What you’ll learn

  • Graphic design Theories
  • color theory
  • Composition & layout rules
  • Grid systems
  • creative thinking
  • How to use Photoshop in a creative way to create stunning Ads
  • advertising rules in action while designing
  • the science behind achieving great visuals
  • photoshop tools panels & essentials
  • about typography anatomy & how to use type & fonts properly
  • How to use Illustrator in a creative way to create brand identity
  • How to use illustrator to design Logos, business cards, letterheads, envelope..etc
  • how to present your graphic design work in a great way to easily get your designs approved by clients
  • saving & exporting different formats
  • Illustrator tools panels & essentials
  • How to use Indesign in a creative way to create amazing editorial design
  • how to create brochures, catalogs & flyers
  • how to create multipage editorial design up to 16 pages & more
  • build your own portfolio through the entire course
  • Get a portfolio template to customize it according to your own style
  • about printing & screen designs technicals
  • how to export your designs in different formats
  • how to create printing PDF & Impositions for your editorial design
  • you will get tons of design files & assets to assist you in your designs
  • you will find many exercises to sharped your design skills
  • you will learn to select & mask images with different techniques including tough areas like Hair, Smoke..etc.
  • you will learn how to design precisely in Photoshop using design grids & guides.
  • Work like a professional in Photoshop mastering all Non- destructive techniques.
  • Create graphics from scratch.
  • Use the Pen & drawing tools like a professional in Photoshop, Illustrator & Indesign
  • Master the Different drawing & illustrations tools & techniques
  • to speed up your workflow & speed up Illustrator performance as well
  • Know the details of Glyphs, Stylistic Sets, Variable fonts


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