Complete WordPress Developer Course 2023 – Plugins & Themes


  1. A brief overview of how WordPress works
    • An introduction to how a web server works with WordPress
    • The WordPress file system
    • Creating basic things like posts, pages, and users, and changing settings
    • Permalinks, and how they work with the rewrite module on both Apache and Nginx
    • How a dashboard page request loads
    • How a front-end page request loads
  2. The programming languages of WordPress
    • HTML
      • Introduction to Accessibility
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • PHP
    • MySQL
  3. WordPress development fundamentals
    • Setting up a local development environment
    • Action Hooks and Filter Hooks
    • The WordPress database
    • WordPress coding standards
    • Enabling the debug.log
  4. An introduction to developing WordPress themes
    • Classic themes vs block themes
    • Theme requirements
    • Templates and template parts
    • The WordPress Template Hierarchy
    • Classic themes – Template tags and conditional tags
    • Block themes – patterns
    • Block themes – theme.json
    • Enqueuing CSS and JavaScript
    • Custom functions
  5. An introduction to developing WordPress plugins
    • Plugin requirements
    • Creating custom post types and taxonomies
    • Using post meta
    • Enqueuing CSS and JavaScript
    • Introduction to developing plugins securely
    • Preventing common vulnerabilities
  6. An introduction to Internationalization
    • The commonly used Internationalization Functions
    • An overview of the Internationalization
  7. An introduction to Roles and Capabilities
    • How to create/modify/remove roles and capabilities
    • How to check user capabilities
    • Custom content types and capabilities
  8. An introduction to Common WordPress APIs
    • Responsive Images
    • Dashboard widgets
    • Database
    • Filesystem
    • Global Variables
    • Metadata
    • Options
    • HTTP Requests
    • Rewrite
    • Settings
    • Shortcode
    • Transients
  9. An introduction to the WordPress REST API
    • Using the WordPress REST API
    • Interacting with the WordPress REST API
    • The WordPress REST API under the hood
      • an overview of how the REST API works, detail about design decisions
    • Interacting with the WordPress REST API
    • Extending the WordPress REST API
      • custom fields, authentication
      • modifying responses
      • creating custom routes and endpoints
  10. An introduction to developing WordPress blocks
    • An introduction to React
    • Using JSX vs vanilla JavaScript
    • Setting up the block development requirements
    • Building your first simple block
      • Converting a Shortcode into a Block
      • Styling your WordPress Blocks
      • Using Block Attributes to Enable User Editing
  11. An introduction to WordPress multisite
    • Setting up a Multisite network
    • Managing a Multisite network
    • Advanced Multisite Management
    • Building plugins and themes that support multisite (WIP)
    • The differences between developing for multisite vs single site (WIP)
  12. Debugging in WordPress
    • Enabling the built-in WordPress debugging options (WIP)
    • Examining the state of your PHP code using error_log and print_ror vardump (WIP)
    • Examining the state of your JavaScript code using the console object
    • Popular debugging plugins (WIP)

dPress Development addendum

In addition to this list, the following topics were suggested for inclusion, but a consensus was not reached as to whether they should be included at the beginner level or intermediate level. Therefore I am including them in this post as an addendum.

  1. An Introduction to Localization
  2. Installing and using Xdebug for step debugging
  3. An Introduction to using SVN
  4. An introduction to using WP-CLI (WIP)

Help needed to complete this syllabus

Are you aware of any tutorials on Learn WordPress or tutorials currently being created that will fulfill any of the topics in this syllabus? If so, please share it in the comments, and I will update the list.

Are you a content creator who can assist with creating tutorials for any of the available topics on this list? If so, please read the Training Team handbook section on Tutorials and consider joining the Training Team by applying to be a tutorial presenter.

Are you an existing tutorial presenter, who is looking for developer-focused topics and ideas to create? Pick any unlinked item from this, create a new tracking issue for it, assign yourself, and work your magic.

This post will remain open for comments indefinitely until a tutorial exists for every item on this list. If you have any questions about creating tutorial content for Learn WordPress, or you just need to bounce a few ideas or questions off someone else, please feel free to message me in the WordPress Slack.



Learn how to develop WordPress themes and plugins. Includes React and Gutenberg development.

What you’ll learn

  • Build a fully functioning WordPress theme and plugin
  • Build websites for any business and audience
  • License your theme and/or plugin
  • Understand the architecture of a plugin and theme
  • Understand the WordPress core and it’s functions
  • Fully Understand WordPress’s API and how to interact with WordPress and its system
  • Query the Database and create tables
  • Comfortably navigate around the WordPress core
  • Confidently use the command line and learn basic commands.
  • Learn the latest features in JavaScript including ES6 modules and variables
  • Improve your workflow using Babel and Webpack
  • Create, manage and process admin forms.
  • Create custom post types for special kinds of content
  • Build custom Gutenberg blocks with React, Webpack and Babel.


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